Dr. Sachs’ Website, Spring, 2014 Edition


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Hi, Everyone!

This is the Spring, 2014 Edition of Dr. Sachs’ Teaching Website.

This is the main page for Los Angeles Valley College’s online class, Computer Applications Office Technology 85, Microcomputer Office Applications:  Spreadsheet, taught by Dr. Steven Mark Sachs (“Dr. Steve”), Professor Emeritus of Computer Applications Office Technology, Psychology, and Counseling.  The class will focus on Microsoft Excel 2010.

If you are my student or if you are about to become my student:  Immediately, even if it’s before the semester begins, please e-mail to me your real e-mail address (the one you check every day).  Simply send me an e-mail with STUDENT EMAIL and the SECTION NUMBER into which you have enrolled in the Subject Line, and your full name and preferred e-mail address in the message area.  Use this address:  ProfessorSteve@outlook.com.  Please note that, as of the first day of the semester, we will use the Etudes system exclusively for all communications other than this one thing (getting me your real e-mail).  The other parts of this website explain the Etudes system for you.

For all classes, you MUST also know how to log into the LACCD student e-mail system, and you MUST check that e-mail every day of the semester.  My students should also check it beginning at least two weeks before the semester begins.  Here is a link for information on how to ensure that you can get into that system:  http://www.lavc.edu/it/manuals/Computer%20Login%20has%20Changed.pdf.

Please click on the links in the heading of this page to learn about our online class for the current semester.  Each one has more information than you might imagine, so please don’t skip anything.

The best order to go through all of this is:

  1. Welcome Letter
  2. First Steps
  3. The Syllabus
  4. Your SAM 2010 Account
  5. Dropbox Information
  6. Readiness Checklist

PLEASE REMEMBER:  To get back to the menu on this website, you will probably have to scroll all the way to the top of the page.

You will be returning to the Syllabus many times over the semester, so get to know it extra well.

Good luck this semester!

. . . Professor Steve

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